A hands- on approach to your health and well-being. Reflexology can be used for the correction and prevention of ill health.

It is known that different reflex points in the feet correspond to an area in the body. By using the thumb and fingers in a particular way to massage the relevant reflex points, pain and other symptoms in the corresponding area of the body can be alleviated. This knowledge probably originated in China. Chinese used pressure points on the feet as a form of treatment as long as 5000 years ago.

Reflexology traces its origins back to traditional Chinese medicine, and it is useful to have an understanding of some of the basic principles of this philosophy. It can improve your health; strengthen your body, lengthen your life .And it has been approved to assist with such as

  Insomnia   Migraine headache
  High blood pressure   Digestive disorder
  Tiredness    Back pain
  Arthritis   Sports injury
  Diabetes   Stress related problem